Roger's Couch Potato Cartoon Quiz

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Here They are! 100 questions! All dealing with the cartoons we grew up on.

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1. What kind of animal was Squidily Diddly?

2. Who was the worlds most mightiest insect?

3. Who owned a dog called Bandit?

4. What was Underdog's alias?

5. What was Sweet Polly PureBread's profession?

6. What was the name of the 40 ft. purple Gorilla?

7. What's the name of that overgrown baby duck?

8. What was the name of the professor on the 'Tennessee Tuxedo Show'?

9. What was the name of Tennessee Tuxedo's buddy?

10. What was the name of his zoo keeper?

11. What profession was Super Snooper & Blabber Mouse in?

12. When little Yakky Doodle Duck was in trouble with Snaggelpuss, what was the name of the big dog that protected him?

13. What was the name of the wolf that always competed with Bozo the Clown?

14. Who's magic belt made him invisible?

15. Who was Scott McCloud known as?

16. Who was Pumpkin Puss always chasing?

17. Who would Tom the Cat always chase?

18. Who was Sylvester the cat always chasing?

19. Who were Spridal and Chim Chim related to?

20. How were they related?

21. Who did Mr. Peebles own?

22. Klondike Cat always got his mouse. What was that mouse's name?

23. Who drove the 'Special Formula Mark Five'?

24. Who were Boris Badanov & Natasha Fataly trying to kill?

25. Who received his super power by exposing his ring to lightening?

26. Who chased the Yankee Doodle Pigeon?

27. Who were Vincent Van Gopher, Muskie the Muskrat, & Ty Coon friends of?

28. Who always defeated Snively Whiplash?

29. After drinking his Super Sauce, Henry Cabot Henhouse III became who?

30. Who was this super hero's assistant?

31. Who were Bella, Ursula, Ape, Shep, & Seymor friends of?

32. Who was George Jetson's Boss?

33. Fred Flintstone had two boss's. Can you name them?

34. What kind of animal & what was the name of  the pet that the Rubbles had?

35. What famous Television show was the Flintstones based on?

36. What cartoon character was named after a famous Rock Concert?

37. What does the J in Bullwinkle J. Moose stand for?

38. Who was Kernel Buzzbee always chasing off his military base?

39. What kind of animals were these?

40. Who would spring from cactus to cactus before running?

41. Who were Ruffled Feather & Running Board known as?

42. Who drove the 'Pink Pussycat'?

43. What prehistoric character hung out with teenagers?

44. Who sang 'Sugar Sugar'?

45. Who did Freddy, Daphine, Shaggy, & Velma always look for?

46. In what cartoon did a boy clang his bracelets together to become a super hero?

47. That same boy had a dog with him. What did it turn into?

48. Who would travel in the 'Way Back Machine'?

49. Who would always use defected ACME warehouse products?

50. Who took a pill that endowed him with the power of 20 Atom Bombs for 20 seconds?

51. Who was El Kabong without his mask?

52. Who was his buddy?

53. Who's headquarters carried a band of merry men on a floating, Solar Powered asteroid in 3000 A.D.

54. Who were Dina, Haja Baba, & Dynamo friends of?

55. Who used his 'Hippo Hurricane Holler' to get him out of a jam?

56. Who and what was his friend?

57. In the same cartoon these characters would travel back in time. What were they're means of transportation?

58. Who were Butchie Boy & Balinda friends with?

59. Who was the Great Gazeoo, and name the characters that could see him. (5 could see him)

60. What kind of animals were Yippie, Yappie, & Yahooie?

61. Who was known as the worlds most lovable monster?

62. Who were Zandor, Terra, Zok, Dorno, Gleep, Gloop, & I Goo?

63. What was the name of the camp Beetle Bailey was in?

64. What was the name of Duddly Do Right's horse?

65. In what show did we see the '3D BB'?

66. Who were Uncle Waldo & Filmore friends with?

67. What was the name of the evil scientist on Underdog?

68. What was the name of the cowardly lion king? His friends were Biggy Rat & Odie Cologne.

69. Who did Deputy Droopalong work for?

70. Who were members of the 'Royal Order Of Water Buffalo's'?

71. What kind of animal was Mr. Peabody?

72. Who attended 'Wats-Amata-U'?

73. What character traveled under the ground like a mole and called everybody a physician?

74. What cat would say "I'll make mince meat out of that mouse!"?

75. Who was the Spanish mouse that was fastest in the land?

76. What was the name of the looney mallard from the Warner Brothers cartoons?

77. What was the name of the French animal who loved to love cats, by mistake?

78. What cartoon ended with the lead character dancing with a top hat and cane?

79. What was the name of the bird that would 'always keep his feathers numbered in case of an emergency?

80. Who consumed a green vegetable to gain strength?

81. Who is the rodent with the mightiest powers?

82. Who caused problems for Mr. Wilson?

83. Name the near-sighted old man who unknowingly left a trail of disaster behind him.

84. On what show would you see a boy with a propeller on his hat & travel around with a big green sea serpent?

85. What's the name of the park that Yogi Bear lives in?

86. What's the name of the Ranger in that park?

87. Dishonest John was the villain of what show?

88. Name the two cartoon show where they used real live lips when the characters talked.

89. Shrinking Violet & Super Chief are the members of what club?

90. Who's phrase was "Heavens to Mergatroied! Exit, stage left!"?

91. What show were Spinner & Paddlefoot from?

92. What was the name of the boy in the turban on Johnny Quest?

93. What kind of animals were Tennessee Tuxedo & Chumly?

94. What kind of animal was Baba Louie?

95. What is the connection between Mr. Magoo & Gilligan's Island?

96. What do Dudley Do Right & Klondike Cat have in common?

97. What kind of animal was Savoir Fair?

98. What was Ricochet Rabbit's profession?

99. What show were these cars featured in? The Mean Machine,  The Pink Pussycat, The Creepy Coupe, Convert-a-Car, & The Crimson Haybailer.

100. Which one of these shows was not a cartoon?

     A) Gilligan's Island        B) Planet Of The Apes          C) The Brady Bunch

     D) The Munsters            E) The Partridge Family       F) The Arabian Knights

     G) Star Trek                  H) The Three Stooges          I) Gilligan's Planet

     J) Frankenstein Jr.        K) The Addams Family          L) Rocket Robin Hood

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